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I’ve been tagged. I thought it was hard enough to come up with five things, let alone eight more. The rules:

The rules are simple…Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1) Habit: I read while I eat. This is a terrific habit for Mom’s Nights Out, meaning I can thoroughly enjoy a nice dinner in a restaurant without the hassle of finding some non-busy person to go out with me. It’s not so great for family life. I’m eyeing my son as he sits at his little table, eating with a Highlights magazine in front of him, and wondering if I can break this habit in time to give him the traditional Meals All Together ‘Round the Table. It’s doubtful. If I gave it up, I’d have to find some other time in my day to read books instead of the internet. Which leads to

2) Fact: I am a net addict. (So are you. Close this browser and walk away. Can’t do it, can you?) It started in college. It’s awful. Self-discipline? What’s that? Someday I’ll break free.

3) Fact: I am simply not a pet person. I wish I were; I do look at dogs and crow, “Oh, you’re a good dog,” but I’m obsessive about having clean hands, and petting animals on a regular basis doesn’t fit with that. And my house is dirty enough without dog or cat hair all over it, thanks. Other than hygiene, I do have a pretty good excuse:

4) Fact: I am deathly allergic to cats. With some breeds of cat, after an hour in the house with them I start to wheeze as though my lungs are filling up. Not. Nice. I am slightly allergic to dogs, but compared to the cat allergy, not so’s you notice.

5) Fact: James Taylor picked me out of a gaggle of embarrassingly behaved women to shake hands with at the end of a concert in Chicago. You know those stories about women throwing their underwear at performers? I used to think they were largely exaggerated, but now I’m sure some morons do that. No panties were flaunted at this event, but women were leaning onto the stage as far as they could, yelling stuff like, “Come home with me, James!!” I stood in the front row horribly embarrassed for the rest of my sex, clapping and cheering and trying to ignore them. He finished singing “Sweet Baby James,” took his bow, then scanned the row of frenzied women and apparently decided I was harmless. Thank you, James, for your talent (and taste!).

6) On the subject of celebrity encounters, fact: One of my ex-boyfriends worked for a TV station that had its own in-house afternoon kids’ show, starring one of my BF’s buddies as a clown. They brought in lots of minor-to-moderate celebrities for this show, with the result that BF once spent the day escorting John de Lancie, of Q fame. Yes, all right, that’s a fact about somebody else, really. I can’t help it, I like celebrity encounters–

7) I do my best to gin up a cool exterior to hide the fact that inside I’m a giggly, melty fangirl. Sometimes I succeed.

8) I got my first passport today. No plans to travel outside the country yet, but I’m excited nevertheless.

Righto, eight facts for your edification and amusement. Now the eight tags: Sarah, Petitedov, Mad William Flint, nk, Xrlq, Slublog, Chris, Allen.

These are fun enough, except the facts about me are boring enough. I’ve got an idea or two for a meme of my own to spread in future.


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I don’t think Dawn Summers is really a liberal. I mean, seriously, can’t they take away her membership card for this:

And then when Melissa Etheridge gave her stirring introduction about how she believed in this man and was inspired by him and I thought she was talking about Jesus and then my little cousin said “no, I don’t think so,” and then I said “sounds like Jesus” and she was all “nah, I’m pretty sure it’s not Jesus” and then AL GORE came on the stage and I had to pay her a dollar? That sucked.

I mean, I had to give my cousin the dollar, not Mellissa Etheridge. I wouldn’t even give her a nickel for that horrid “song” she was singing.

Oh, I guess that’s mean cause she had cancer.

But then again, Al Gore said I should live my life like I could be the difference and I’d really like for Mellissa Etheridge not to sing anymore.

I CANNOT believe her craptrap Golbal warming song beat Listen for the Oscar.

Sha. World’s coming to an end, indeed.

Assumes people should be talking about Jesus rather than Al Gore when they discuss how they “believe” in somebody? Check. Assumes artists should vote for Best in Show based on, you know, artistic merit rather than political merit? Check. Makes fun of bleeding hearts who think cancer (among other things) confers moral authority? Check.

But don’t tell Karol. That’d be a quarter of her blog content gone, poof.

Bonus: Buffy. While you’re at Dawn’s, watch this and chortle.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace