Reviews You Can Use

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I’ve been wondering whether to see it or not, given that I’ve thought most of the other Harry Potter movies were pretty bad. Survey of PetiteDov says: Order of the Phoenix better than the rest and yes, Helena Bonham Carter is still crazy after all these years. Very well then. See it I shall.

Update: Speaking of Helena Bonham Carter, her grandmother was Violet Bonham Carter, née Violet Asquith, daughter of a WWI prime minister and close friend of Winston Churchill. Which I think is pretty cool.

No Matter How Well It Worked Out in the End

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You wouldn’t catch me hugging a man who had put a gun to my child’s head. Ever.

H/t the Hot Air headlines again, which I’m starting to think should be renamed Allah’s House of Fish in a Barrel.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace