Sex Ed: A Modest Proposal

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Bring back Home Ec. This time, no sewing skirts. No cooking. No crafts.

Take all students, once per junior high and high school year, to a day care. Pair them up, girl-boy. Match each “couple” to a child under the age of three. Let the day-care child’s parents interview the couple and approve or disapprove the project. Once approved, closely supervised by a teacher, each couple takes care of the child for the length of the school day–every aspect of care.

Let them learn how a child will disrupt their lives–every aspect of their lives. Let them learn how a child will take up their time–every minute of their time. Let them think twice or three times before they have sex.

And then let them have no excuses for the heinousness, the unspeakable awfulness, of this. And then if atrocities like this still occur, execute the offenders.

Yeah, Try Him as an Adult, and Then:

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Death penalty.

Cut the Line

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Want the new Harry Potter book without standing in line or ordering online?

Just get married the night of the release. Apparently stores are happy to snub the people they worked so hard to bring in several hours before midnight to put you first in line, as long as you’re coming from your wedding reception.

I defended adult readers of Harry Potter (I am one, after all) in Sarah’s list of stuff that annoys her. But this kind of thing is taking the crazy too far. Grow up, people.

Boston Globe article found through Allah’s House of Fish in a Barrel. Yeah: I’m in Indiana and read a web site run by people in New York and D.C. to find a Boston Globe article detailing an event in the town where I actually live.

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