There Are Not 45 Million Uninsured Americans

Filed under:Politics,Priorities — posted by Anwyn on July 10, 2007 @ 8:30 am

Whatever you may hear any Democrat for Socialized Medicine say. See-Dub Geoff, guesting for See-Dub, takes it apart for us in a few short paragraphs: the number of “chronically uninsured” Americans, those who have been without health care for more than one year, falls to 18 million when you take out those who are here illegally and those who happened to be without health care for a short time only at the time of the survey.

As See-Dub Geoff points out:

The 18 million citizens who are chronically uninsured represent only 6% of the population. Turning the health care industry upside down for 1 out of 15 people seems a bit much, and running a presidential campaign on the basis of the welfare of 1 out of 15 people seems like a distortion of priorities.

I’ll go a bit farther: How many of those 18 million are uninsured because of how they choose to live? How many of them could get a perfectly decent full-time job, but don’t, for whatever reason? I was uninsured myself for a full year after I quit my job to stay at home with my son (yes, son continued to have insurance, thanks for asking).

Why do so many Democrats seem so concerned, on behalf of these people, many of whom have as much choice as the rest of us as to how they live, that health care be free rather than that it be effective?

Bonus item that purports to deal with health care, but doesn’t because Michael Moore is a waste of human brain cells. If anybody, even on the left, continues to be unembarrassed by Moore’s inane, leftover, irrelevant spewing, I never want to meet that person. Ever.

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