Doctor Who: Heartbreaker

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David Tennant, I think you’re the best thing ever in my limited experience of British TV, even including Hugh Laurie, but your show done broke my heart for the second season finale in a row.

**SPOILERS** for Doctor Who S3 after the jump. (more…)


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Isaiah Washington’s version of what happened on the set of Grey’s Anatomy–that he used the word in the course of a fight with Patrick Dempsey–is far more credible than T.R. Knight’s, that he used it directed personally at Knight. Unless Washington is difficult to work with in general, that show booted one of its best characters for very shabby reasons. Word to the wise, Grey’s–Drs. Burke, Yang, Bailey, Karev, Webber, and Torres are a hell of a lot more likeable than the titular Dr. Grey or Drs. Shepherd, O’Malley, or Stevens. Hope you’ve got some stellar stuff lined up for next season with no more unfortunate cast depletion.

I’m Sorry, What’s Your Organization’s Purpose Again?

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It’s supposed to be reporting news, right?

Headline: Libby move helps seal Bush’s Iraq legacy.

If by “seal” you mean “add meaningless fuel to the already high fire of Democrats’ hatred for Geo. W. Bush.” If by “helps” you mean “ends up as a footnote in the larger picture of the Iraq war,” which even somebody quoted in the article admits:

[Presidential historian] Hess said Bush’s move will eventually be seen as a footnote to a legacy that will feature Iraq prominently.

So this major villainous move, supposed to “seal” Bush’s evil legacy, is really only a footnote that happens to be angering Democrats. Reuters wrote the headline for this piece of opinion–theirs–and then couldn’t even find a historian who would back it?

Reuters: even their not-so-disguised opinions are fake.

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