After All This Time

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I still heart John Howard.

How d’ya Like Your Commander-In-Chief, Boys?

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How’d you like to be that fighter jock who buzzed his F-16 over Manhattan today?

How’d you like to be the pilot of that AF-1?

How do you like knowing that the NOTUS calls your shots?

How do you like your Commander-In-Chief? I feel for you, I really do. Sign up to protect America and spend your afternoon recreating New York’s worst nightmare. For a photo op.

Sleep tight, Caldera. Heckuva job, you colossally self-important airhead.

Okay, the Dude Really Likes Politics

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**SPOILERS** for last night’s House below. (more…)

Another Movie About a Another Kick-Butt Blonde That Should Not Be Made

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Sarah Michelle Gellar in talks for a Buffy movie?

In talks with whom? No mention of Joss Whedon in that article. What if they get her to commit but not, say, Alyson Hannigan or David Boreanaz? The loss of either of them, or Nicholas Brendan, James Marsters, or Anthony Head, would instantly start the movie off at a huge disadvantage.

Will the story take into account the stupid-sounding personal twists of the Buffy “Season 8” comics, or will it pick up threads left behind by the actual Season 7? Which was also kind of dumb–slayers all over the world, in case you’ve forgotten.

Most shudder-making of all, would a movie do what’s mentioned in that link–make Buffy a mother? Lest Joss forget how much we hated it when his team provided Buffy with the most annoying little sister in the history of television, a child thrown into the demon mix would be worse than Dawn Summers, even, which is saying something.

Very. Bad. Idea.

Via Whedonesque.

Update: “Not gonna happen,” sez The Joss. Whew. Also via The Black.

Revisiting the Castle

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Four episodes in, I’m feeling a little better about the future of Castle, though the primary problem, the lack of chemistry between Castle and Beckett (real cute on her name, too, guys, although the symbolism could have been better), is not solved. The core problem with Beckett’s character, which leads to the chemistry problem, is that she is inconsistent. She’s hot, and knows it (“You have no idea” from the first episode and this week’s “distract him with legs” stunt) yet won’t give him the time of day while at the same time bemoaning her lack of action as though she’s a shut-in nerd. What possible real-life woman does this resemble? A woman with the confidence to show up in a thigh-length hot-pink number and drop her coat does not bewail her lack of dates to the M.E. in the morgue. This is partly a writer problem, but also an actor problem–she is high-strung, unlike, say, Dani Reese of Life who plays hard as nails, cool as ice, and faintly nose-wrinkling over Crews while allowing her respect for him to depend on his work, not on his quirks. Which part of the woman are we supposed to buy into here? I actually could buy the shut-in nerd kind of a thing, since she reads all Castle’s books, kind of an Ellen Barkin in The Big Easy (she was also high strung), but that negates the “I’m hot and I know it” act that Sarah Shahi does so easily for Dani Reese.

It’s frustrating, because otherwise I would not have dreamed there was an actress working with whom Nathan Fillion couldn’t produce chemistry. Come on, writers, come on, Katic, decide on the character’s primary motivation here. Isn’t that the first thing they teach you in drama school?

Enough of the negative–the show is mostly flowing a lot more smoothly, the character of Castle’s mother is fitting in better, the daughter’s delightful although too unbelievably perfect–as is Castle himself. Does he have no flaws that can’t be overcome by looking cute? But I am enjoying the show quite a bit and hope it continues finding its feet quickly.

In Which the Instapundit Sucks Me In with Wily Marketing

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That sly dog.

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