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I don’t think Dawn Summers is really a liberal. I mean, seriously, can’t they take away her membership card for this:

And then when Melissa Etheridge gave her stirring introduction about how she believed in this man and was inspired by him and I thought she was talking about Jesus and then my little cousin said “no, I don’t think so,” and then I said “sounds like Jesus” and she was all “nah, I’m pretty sure it’s not Jesus” and then AL GORE came on the stage and I had to pay her a dollar? That sucked.

I mean, I had to give my cousin the dollar, not Mellissa Etheridge. I wouldn’t even give her a nickel for that horrid “song” she was singing.

Oh, I guess that’s mean cause she had cancer.

But then again, Al Gore said I should live my life like I could be the difference and I’d really like for Mellissa Etheridge not to sing anymore.

I CANNOT believe her craptrap Golbal warming song beat Listen for the Oscar.

Sha. World’s coming to an end, indeed.

Assumes people should be talking about Jesus rather than Al Gore when they discuss how they “believe” in somebody? Check. Assumes artists should vote for Best in Show based on, you know, artistic merit rather than political merit? Check. Makes fun of bleeding hearts who think cancer (among other things) confers moral authority? Check.

But don’t tell Karol. That’d be a quarter of her blog content gone, poof.

Bonus: Buffy. While you’re at Dawn’s, watch this and chortle.

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