At Least He Wouldn’t Be in Charge of Enforcing Immigration Law?

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Michael Chertoff bears a startling resemblance to Rasputin.


The Preschooler Times

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You haven’t lived until you’ve been ensconced at the kitchen table, where “we” are making the latest craft involving pompoms to come from the Luciferesque minds of the devil editors at Highlights magazine, except it’s really “you” making the craft, because gluing pompoms together requires hot glue, because craft glue or Elmer’s simply won’t hold pompoms together, and hot glue, as we’ve already discovered in the earlier part of the project, does not get cool enough quick enough for a three-year-old to mess with, even only to press the items together after the glue has been spread, as Mommy abjectly apologized for while we hung over the sink rinsing a little finger in cold water, listening to your three-year-old sing, as he blithely plays with his toys while Mommy makes the devil craft,

“The first mate, he got drunk;
he broke in the captain’s bunk [sic];
the con-sta-bull had to come and take him away!
Sheriff John Stone, why don’t you leave me alone?
I – feel – so – broke – up – I – wan – na – go – home.

“Mommy, are you making the frogs right now?”

This Just In: Bill Moyers Is an Ass

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Out: Christians elect Christians, unacceptably mixing church and state. Oh, those dumb Christians.

In: Christians elect entities run by people they think are Christians but who really aren’t. Oh, those dumb Christians.


… reports were circulating that [Karl Rove] himself had confessed to friends his own agnosticism; he wished he could believe, but he cannot. That kind of intellectual honesty is to be admired, but you have to wonder how all those folks on the Christian right must feel discovering they were used for partisan reasons by a skeptic, a secular manipulator.

And Rove calls the PBS ombudsman to respond, after an intervening interview with Chris Wallace and Moyers standing by his statement:

In his call to me [PBS ombudsman Michael Getler], Rove said, “If someone says he is a believer, why is that not accepted? He (Moyers) has decided he will be the judge and the jury about whether I’m a believer. He attributes this to unknown parties and then defends it in a letter to Chris Wallace, with no personal interface with me at all. How does the San Antonio Express know? They don’t. They don’t know me well. He (Moyers) then relies on a blogger who says ‘I could be wrong here.’ Well, he is wrong.” Rove calls Moore an “incredible left-wing ideologue.” Bill Israel, he says, “was once my teaching assistant. He was no more a close friend of mine than the man in the moon. I attend church in my neighborhood and here in Washington. I was married in church, worship in church, tithe to the church. My faith is my business. This is just beyond the pale.”

Aside: The ombudsman at PBS doesn’t like Moyers pulling this crap on PBS’s dime? That really is just in.

H/t Allah and the Quote of the Day.

PSA: I Did Not Win the Powerball

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But after dropping five dollars to play, I found five dollars’ worth of little-girl ponytail ties abandoned in a cart in the parking lot.

So it’s like it didn’t cost me anything.

Got Still More Tomatoes and Zucchini?

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Then give this recipe a try–a baked casserole that looks a lot less labor-intensive than my pomodoro. I’ve got to try something that uses an entire pound of green onions. But I will have a hard time resisting the urge to layer the veggies with some mozzerella and breadcrumbs. Yum.


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Diss shows or movies starring Nathan Fillion and rue the consequences of having to take up again, after washing my hands of them following the first season, with Desperate Housewives just to get a glimpse of him. Maintaining celebrity crushes is not easy, my friends.

But OMG is he not the cutest thing ever? Ever?

Update: We interrupt this post to inform you that the video of Cute Nathan is “no longer available.” We assure you, however, that Nathan is Still Cute.

It could be worse. And will be, I fear. Alas.

H/t Whedonesque.

Update: Note to whoever made this video: Spell the man’s name correctly. We are not amused.

Memory Check

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Was the Hamster Dance always to Roger Miller’s Robin Hood music?


Aside, the people who made this video have one heck of a DVD collection.

H/t Bookworm Room.

Sign a Petition, Get Posted to a Witchhunt

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Perusing today’s articles linked in Oregon Reddit produced this little gem: a plan to post to the web the names and addresses of anybody signing petitions that run counter to the homosexual lobby’s agenda.

In addition to holding petition signers accountable, Stewart explains the underlying idea behind the project’s name, Know Thy Neighbor. “To me, it’s important as a queer woman to be able to look up people and see, are the people in my neighborhood on this petition? Are there people in my zip code on this?” she says. Finding out that people she knows—like friends or coworkers or even a boss or local business owner—signed the petition is valuable information, “if for no other reason than protection.”

“If” for no other reason? Do tell, what could be the other reasons? Leaving aside the laughable premise that people who oppose gay marriage, by definition, wish, and will perpetrate, harm on gay people, that is.

Privacy for me, but not for thee if you oppose me. Where have I heard that before?

Support Obama, Portland, Says UCC Minister

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Because no way he’s even sniffing that sweet “special interest money.”

This guy’s personal blog post was linked off the front page of the website of The Oregonian, Nice when you don’t even have to bother to pay your editorialists.

Update: Turns out that has a feature called “Oregon Reddit,” which appears to work much like Digg, et al, in that registered users can post links to stories they like. That’s where the link to this post appears.

Guess It’s Time to Start Watching the TiVoed First Season of Heroes

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Because, well, good grief. I tried to avoid getting into a new show as long as I could, but … c’est la vie. Time to find out what non-Veronica chops the girl really has.

H/t Gib.

Poaching Down at the JunkYard

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Me wishing journalists would stop whining, already, about blogs.

Update: Ace wishing journalists would stop whining, already, about bloggers usurping the real job they have so lovingly anointed their own selves to do.

Blue-Eyed People Better Strategic Thinkers?

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Sure we are. To which Allah’s headline remarked, “Super.” Poor guy must have the brown eyes of football-and-hockey doom. C’mon, Allah, it’s now your God-given right to throw out the “raaaaaacist” tag.

I Can Finally Make a Perfect Omelet

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Thanks to this. And despite what it says, you can use butter if you prefer it to cooking spray (which I do). Just keep the heat low, like it says, and make sure to coat the whole bottom of the pan with butter. And the non-stick, shallow pan with rounded sides is key–as much as I love my cast iron, and I do use it to make plain scrambled eggs, it just won’t work for this.

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