Got Still More Tomatoes and Zucchini?

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Then give this recipe a try–a baked casserole that looks a lot less labor-intensive than my pomodoro. I’ve got to try something that uses an entire pound of green onions. But I will have a hard time resisting the urge to layer the veggies with some mozzerella and breadcrumbs. Yum.


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Diss shows or movies starring Nathan Fillion and rue the consequences of having to take up again, after washing my hands of them following the first season, with Desperate Housewives just to get a glimpse of him. Maintaining celebrity crushes is not easy, my friends.

But OMG is he not the cutest thing ever? Ever?

Update: We interrupt this post to inform you that the video of Cute Nathan is “no longer available.” We assure you, however, that Nathan is Still Cute.

It could be worse. And will be, I fear. Alas.

H/t Whedonesque.

Update: Note to whoever made this video: Spell the man’s name correctly. We are not amused.

Memory Check

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Was the Hamster Dance always to Roger Miller’s Robin Hood music?


Aside, the people who made this video have one heck of a DVD collection.

H/t Bookworm Room.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace