At Least He Wouldn’t Be in Charge of Enforcing Immigration Law?

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Michael Chertoff bears a startling resemblance to Rasputin.


The Preschooler Times

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You haven’t lived until you’ve been ensconced at the kitchen table, where “we” are making the latest craft involving pompoms to come from the Luciferesque minds of the devil editors at Highlights magazine, except it’s really “you” making the craft, because gluing pompoms together requires hot glue, because craft glue or Elmer’s simply won’t hold pompoms together, and hot glue, as we’ve already discovered in the earlier part of the project, does not get cool enough quick enough for a three-year-old to mess with, even only to press the items together after the glue has been spread, as Mommy abjectly apologized for while we hung over the sink rinsing a little finger in cold water, listening to your three-year-old sing, as he blithely plays with his toys while Mommy makes the devil craft,

“The first mate, he got drunk;
he broke in the captain’s bunk [sic];
the con-sta-bull had to come and take him away!
Sheriff John Stone, why don’t you leave me alone?
I – feel – so – broke – up – I – wan – na – go – home.

“Mommy, are you making the frogs right now?”

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace