The Hobbit to Film in 2007?

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Revivalmania. You may have to scroll down, as TORn doesn’t have permalinks. Xoanon got an email:

Please leave my email anonymous as I have some very exciting news to report. I was in New Line’s NY offices to discuss upcoming projects when I clearly saw something very intriguing on a year planner. ‘The Hobbit’ was clearly marked on what looked like July 2007. I couldn’t exactly take a moment to investigate the calendar with my audience in the room, but it definitely said ‘The Hobbit’.

I’m interested, though Ian Holm and Ian McKellen sure aren’t getting any younger. But hey, a little WETA magic and … shazam. Would it play without those two? Yes. Would it play well? Dicey.

Participatory Politics

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I called the office of Senator Ron Wyden, D-OR, to ask whether he has placed a hold on S.2590, the bill that will show the public who and/or what is getting money from earmarks. Honestly, I expected “No, he hasn’t, and we’ve answered that question many times already,” because the blogsophere has scoured this story to death this week. I was a nervous little constituent, never having called an elected official’s office before. With the previous elimination of all the senators but Stevens, it was a low-odds gig that D-OR was the correct D-.

I called, a staffer answered on the first ring, and after stating my question, I got an answer that sounded like, if I’d been in the room with him, he would have been gazing off someplace over my left shoulder as he replied in a distant voice, “Um, not that I know of,” went on to ask the name of my blog, and said he would look for the person in the press office who could answer that question. She wasn’t available. I declined to leave a message and said I would call back later. I will, after lunchtime in D.C. Hopefully with a little more backbone.

Or maybe I won’t. As I wrote this, Allah got the word that Red State got the word that the culprit is Byrd. Oh well–I made my call. Go me, participating in the legislative process. Or at least getting a staffer to trot out “Not that I know of” while looking for somebody to hand me off to. Woo!

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace