Choose Courage and Common Sense

Filed under:It's the Jihad,Sad — posted by Anwyn on August 6, 2006 @ 9:14 pm

The cover of Newsweek in the grocery store today showed Nicolas Cage as a firefighter in Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center and the headline, “Oliver Stone’s 9/11: Controversial Filmmaker Chooses Courage Over Conspiracy in ‘World Trade Center.'”

The King of Conspiracy would have fared poorly in theaters had he chosen “conspiracy” on this topic, but the fact remains that as a filmmaker, he had a choice. 1) Tell the story as we saw it happen, as evidence indicates that it happened, and as the victims experienced it happening. 2) Tell it as nutjob crazies looking to make some kind of name for themselves pull it straight out of their asses.

You have to see these videos, especially the first, to believe that anybody could be so callous, so cruel, and so dumb. Message to Dylan Avery and company: You are alive and pushing this garbage precisely because our government doesn’t play that way. Grow up. Stop watching so many conspiracy thrillers. Or if you must watch them, pay attention to the part where the only guy who cottons to the conspiracy runs for his life during the whole film. Start living in the real world.

With thanks to Allahpundit.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace