RIP Bruno Kirby

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Bruno Kirby has passed away at age 57. Among other performances, he gave the world two of the heartwarmingly funniest turns as Billy Crystal’s best friend in both City Slickers and When Harry Met Sally.

Harry: “So I say to her, ‘Don’t you love me any more?’ You know what she says? ‘I don’t know if I’ve ever loved you.'”

Jess: “Ooh, that’s harsh.”

[They do The Wave.]

Jess: “You don’t bounce back from that right away.”

Harry: “Thanks, Jess.”

Jess: “No, I’m a writer; I know dialogue, and that’s particularly harsh.”


Ed: “You pick one. Your favorite one. And you just get that one from then on. Every day, for the rest of your life, the same cereal. And then you wake up one morning, and you’re just not hungry any more.”

Phil: “You can’t get an erection.”

Ed: “Hey, pal, I can get an erection any time I want. Watch.”

Finished TiVoed 24

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Late to the party, I know. I watch a lot of TV during the season, some less hot but still watchable shows get recorded and left till the summer, and 24 is a newcomer–this was my first season. And it was awesome. Kiefer Sutherland is fan-frickin’-tastic as Jack Bauer, and although the rest of the show at first had me struggling to suspend disbelief regarding the technical wizardry, timing, and inhuman task management of these people, I soon learned to forget all that and go along for the ride.

But I’m a little surprised that in his detailed summary of the show, Rick Moran apparently made no comment on the 24‘s skate-near-the-edge portrayal of President Logan as a corrupt, oil-motivated, power-mad executive who’d do anything, include endangering American citizens at the hands of terrorists, if it would satisfy his political aims. I flew into a huge rant at the screen when I realized where they were going with this. Isn’t it bad enough that people actually believe these kinds of things are possible in Bush’s world without having a major network TV show stir the pot?

I guess it’s fortunate that the frustrated writers, if they really do believe their own concoction, are left to vent through fiction. I’ll still be watching next season, but it would be nice if their agenda wore a few more clothes.

Unwanted, Dead or Alive

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I know something about the state of mind a woman can enter when she discovers she is unwillingly pregnant. But I will never understand the depravity necessary to take this action:

Police were called to the Hialeah clinic on July 20 after a report that a person–identified by Overton as clinic owner Belkis Gonzalez–took the infant and placed it in the biohazard bag.

It is infuriating that a law called Born-Alive Infants Protection Act is needed in this country. After the birth of a child, no matter how many weeks along, its subsequent entombment in a plastic bag or any other form of action that leads to its death should be prosecuted under applicable homicide laws. And the killers jailed for life.

Via Rightwingsparkle.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace