Yes, All Right, Occasionally, This Is How I Spend Some of My Time

Filed under:Television — posted by Anwyn on May 28, 2009 @ 9:31 am

How in the world did I forget (or, horror, did I not know?) that Kate Jackson was on an episode of Ally McBeal?

And in other “How did I not know that?” realms, only today did I get why it was such a big deal that Bruce Boxleitner plays Cap’n Awesome’s father on Chuck: Because BB was TRON. I still think it would have been even funnier if Kate Jackson had played Awesome’s mom, though. A little spy-show inheritance. Having learned this, I started thinking of maybe one more reason why Chuck is perennially on the bubble–it is just on the cusp of my generation (witness I’ve never seen TRON) and appeals to a small section of that generation, at that. Fingers crossed that they can get it moving in a growth direction without destroying the appeal …

And if you’re wondering how I got started on this line of thought, I spent a few minutes this morning watching some YouTube clips of Scarecrow and Mrs. King. Laugh all you want; it was a great show.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace