What Fresh Celebrity Hell Is This?

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David Duchovny enters rehab.

For sex addiction.

Apparently, they are not making this up. Usual boilerplate about “please respect the privacy of my wife and children as we deal with this” applies.

In one of those ironic twists that sometimes happens when you get a question in Trivial Pursuit on a topic you just happened to be discussing two hours ago, just today I actually read the blurb in Us where he talked about Tea passing out from getting steamy in a sauna.

H/t Ace’s headlines.

Well, That’s a Mercy, Anyhow

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Huckabee says he was never vetted for Veep. Which makes McCain … at the very least, not less smart than I thought he was.

I’m Glad I Didn’t Know It Was Even an Option

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NBC picks up the back half of the upcoming second season of Chuck. I had no idea that was even a question. Best. Show. On. TV.

Blood-boiling industry jargon of the day:

NBC is giving an early vote of confidence to “Chuck,” picking up the back nine episodes of the sophomore skein.

Skein? Where did this even come from? Were they calling seasons “threads” and then needed a fresh word, so they went to “skein?” I hate this. It doesn’t make any sense. A “thread” might be borderline, since you can talk about plot threads, etc. A skein of television shows is just pure, unadulterated nonsense.

And yes, nonsense industry jargon really does make my blood boil. Yes, I know you raise your eyebrows in consternation because inappropriate word use makes my blood boil. That’s why I’m an editor and you’re not.

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