It’s Not That It’s Boring

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… even though it is. It’s that it’s wrinkly. Good grief. That fabric wrinkles if you look at it wrong, and it looks like it just took her hair and face down with it.

Conversation of the Day

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Me, hunting for the particular book the Bean wanted to read at bedtime: “Let’s see, if I were Jeremy Fisher, where would I be?”

Son: “You’d be wherever Jeremy Fisher is right now.”


Behind the Times

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Woman arrested after stalking a guy who was her “boyfriend” in “Second Life” … and who broke it off after he met her in person.

They’re only about fifteen years behind the times. We were doing that stuff in college.

Getting involved online, and breaking it off when we met in person, I mean.

Not stalking outside people’s houses with stun guns and duct tape.

At least, not me.

I swear.

Via Ace’s headlines.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace