Move to Another State. Please.

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You’re giving Indiana a bad smell.

Photo caption:

Indiana 2nd Congressional District candidate Tony Zirkle addresses a gathering of the Nationalist Socialist Workers Party on Sunday in Chicago. The group was celebrating Adolf Hitler’s birthday while Zirkle spoke of ridding society of prostitution, pornography and the trafficking of “young, white women.”

Believe it or not, the photo doesn’t quite say it all:

When asked if he was a Nazi or sympathized with Nazis or white supremacists, Zirkle replied he didn’t know enough about the group to either favor it or oppose it.

Stupidest. Politician. Evah. Believe it or not, it gets worse:

“This is just a great opportunity for me to witness,” he said, referring to his message and his Christian belief.

Stupidest. Person to Use Christianity as a Fig Leaf for Unconscionable Political Moves. Evah. The cringe goes on:

He also told WIMS radio in Michigan City that he didn’t believe the event he attended included people necessarily of the Nazi mindset, pointing out the name isn’t Nazi, but Nationalist Socialist Workers Party.

You ignorant buffoon, the Nazis weren’t named Nazis either. They were the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. You don’t even have to be able to understand German to parse those cognates. And the non-cognate, “arbeiter,” is German for “worker.”

Embarrassment to Hoosiers, Republicans, and Christians everywhere. I can’t believe this man could pull it together enough to run for federal office.

“I told (Channel 16, WNDU in South Bend) in the beginning that I’d speak to any group that wanted me to speak,” Zirkle said Monday. He said he’s also recently spoken on the subject to a pair of black journalists.

“I’m keeping my promise. I’ll speak to any group. (The National Socialist Workers Party) was interested in the targeting of white people for prostitution.”

“That’s the risk you have to take to get your point across,” Zirkle said. “If the Black Panthers or the Jewish Zionists want me to speak about these issues, I’ll do it.”

I’m positive the Black Panthers will sign right up to get a talk on how porn and pimps drag down white women. And of course everybody knows Zionists are as bad as these people who Aren’t Nazis! Unmitigated moron.

H/t Hot Air headlines.

Mindless Exertions

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A phrase from Mr. Sippican Cottage has stuck with me: “…skinny from mindless exertions and not work…”

It’s a phrase from one of his “flash fictions,” to be sure … and there’s no saying (at least not by me) how much of his characters’ thought represents author’s voice. But I tell you this: I’m not much in favor of mindless exertions myself, so if you can find me a household chore or some productive work that will strenthen my abdomen muscles, weaker now than at any other time in my life after being stretched over a baby-laden uterus, as well as diminish the soft little pouch of fat thereon, I’d happily do it rather than the Pilates I keep putting off from day to day. That is all.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace