To Jessica, Respectfully…

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My dear Fug Girl, what are you thinking about? Kelly Preston’s dress here is not a scroll-down fug. It is not an “ostensibly lovely” dress. It is made of gray jersey knit. I hesitate to point this out, as I freely admit it could be my eyes at fault and not yours, but it sure looks like she picked up a jersey-knit sheet, wrapped it around her bare, and down the road she go. It explains the peculiar drape and the willingness of the fabric to cling to her tights and make those fugly wrinkles-under-the-drapiness. Look again, sweet Jessica, for the full effect of the fug.

Takes Model Railroading to a Whole Different Level

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Star Destroyers built from scratch. Wow. Link goes to a 48″ model, but be sure to check out the first of two 24-incher as well, not to mention the 2-cm Falcon that goes with it.

H/t J.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace