Memo to Obama: The Race Thing is Secondary

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Obama’s speech about race described Wright’s “incendiary” comments as not only “wrong” but also “divisive,” which is, of course, the most negative word Obama has. If anything’s divisive, then it’s horrible, never mind whether it’s correct, true, applicable, outright fabrications and lies or completely batshit insane. Which brings me back to Wright. Memo to Obama: Wright isn’t a problem for you because he dislikes White America and says so vehemently; Wright is a problem for you because of his batshit insanity–that [White] America “started the AIDS virus;” that the [white] government “gives them the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strikes law and then wants us to sing ‘God Bless America’ … God Damn America, that’s in the Bible …”

Tell me, Obama, if your pastor couldn’t even drop his race-fueled conspiracy theories on the Sunday immediately after 9/11, when exactly was he not blaming the [white] government for all the problems of black people? Not ever, is the answer, because only somebody deeply embedded in the notion that our government is a vast conspiracy to keep third-world nations in “grinding poverty” would, immediately after the cold-blooded killing of 3,000 innocent citizens, describe the act as “chickens coming home to roost.”

If Obama should somehow rally and be elected president, it’ll be interesting to see how fast he drops “divisive” as the bitterest epithet and moves on to “this is for your own good” when many of us start to feel alienated and “divided” by government-mishandled “health care,” government-bloated “education” and all the other goodies he has in store for us. Those policies are divisive because they aim to bring us all together into “one size fits all” government malfeasance–not by conspiracy but by design.

Update: Ace, pithy as ever:

My takeaway: White racism is pernicious and bad and we must correct it. We must learn.

Black racism, on the other hand, is perfectly understandable, justified even, and blacks get to keep on hatin’ for as long as they might like.

Obama, of course, will one day change all this.

But he didn’t change the heart of Wright when he had the chance. Nor even is there any evidence whatsoever he even attempted such an undertaking.

So Obama is sold to us as biracial, transracial, postracial. A new kind of black candidate.

And yet he seems to look precisely like the old sort of black candidate, the Jesse Jackson type, the Al Sharpton type.

All that (definitely read the whole thing) plus no mention at all by Obama about the insane conspiracy thinking Wright’s racism has led him to. I repeat, it’s not just the racism–which, after all, is the kind of garden-variety victimhood we get from Sharpton, Jackson, Nagin, et. al.–but Wright takes it five steps beyond, all the way to the government is deliberately, systematically, oppressing and murdering black people. Because there’s some upside to that, right? Because in Wright’s mind, keeping blacks down is all the upside we need. I guess I was wrong. I guess it’s about the racism after all–and where the years of hatemongering have led: to Wright.

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