The White Tree

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Gondor evoked in West Virginia.

The Blaaaaaahgs

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I have the blahgs, which is like the blahs only applying to this here blog. There’s nothing I want to blog about. Plenty of stuff I react to, but I can’t stir myself to actually getting a reaction down on screen. So let’s just take a tour of stuff to react to …

Homeschooler? Don’t even think about moving to California.

Public schooler? Don’t even think about moving to Deerfield, Illinois. Content warning in the article Rachel is blockquoting there, content strong enough to churn my stomach. No, not the porn necessarily (although that’s stomach-turning enough) but the fact that a school district can order 14-year-olds to undergo a seminar about homosexuality at which they must sign a confidentiality agreement not to tell their parents. How can that even be legal?

Scientist? Don’t even think about straying from the establishment even if your research and conclusions go a different way, because then people will start talking about denying you certification from your governing board. Not exactly “Galileo’s head was on the block” but the principle remains the same.

Kentucky blogger/commenter? Don’t even think about choosing to blog or comment anonymously if this unbelievably stupid and probably unenforcable bill passes the legislature.

And last but certainly not cringeworthy-least: Are you Tucker Carlson? Then don’t even think … actually, yeah, start thinking again, because you clearly ceased for the ten minutes it took you to bully a Scotsman reporter for putting on-the-record comments, you know, on the record. Wait, can she really do that, though? Report remarks made in an on-the-record interview even though the moronsubject, who obviously thought the reporter would be putty in her Obama-blessed hands (gee, I wonder why she thought that?), tried to cover a truthblurt about Hillary by throwing in a little “by the way that’s off the record”? See, I never went to J-school, Tucker, so I guess it would be a little much for me to lecture you on your journalistic stupidity.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace