… Swallow It, and Hack It Up in My Next Hairball for Any Ol’ Wraith to Find. Because I Do Not Care

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… though I do know the way. Of course.

How to Be a Jackass

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Demonstrated for you this morning by the Portland-area man in the silver sedan whose actions so dumbfounded me that I didn’t get the make or tag number but if I had they would assuredly be published here: Not only turn your head to get an eyeful of the stroller-pushing, exercise-walking mother who took off her jacket because she got too warm because she’s out of shape, thereby revealing her perfectly decent yet cleavage-boosting tank-bra top, which she pretty much expects and doesn’t mind much, but bring your car almost to a stop in the middle of the road to prolong the ogling process as if it’s your God-given right to cause a traffic accident because you spotted some unexpected boobage. Get a life.

Note to self: Consider investing in a sleeveless jacket.


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Last year when I was setting up this blog, I had a few go-rounds in trying to buy (rent?) this domain. I played cat-and-mouse with the .net form a couple of times–waiting for the company that bought it to give it up after five days when it didn’t make them enough ad revenue to pay for the domain fee–and then saw that the .com was going to break loose after thinking it wouldn’t be available till this year. Then, because it was a Network Solutions domain, I just paid SnapNames their scalp money to get the .com for me before non-SnapNames/NS people could try for it. Done and done. Then NS ticked me off and I transferred the registration. Mwahaha.

I looked up the .net today. It’s owned by a company I never heard of but the contact email is at SnapNames. Now here’s the fun part–it’s covered in ads, of course, but most of them have to do with The Lord of the Rings. “Anwyn” is not a Tolkien name by nature–I decided it sounded like a name a girl in Rohan would have, that’s all (Eowyn, etc.). But I guess TheOneRing.net’s Anwyn pages sat high enough in the search engines long enough to make whatever system sets up the ad pages think that Tolkien was the most likely thing people would be looking for if they searched on Anwyn.

Which is a tiny little feather in my Fifteen Minutes cap. Kinda cool for a piece of Friday trivia.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace