A Flake, But a Likeable Flake, She Remains

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Unlike so many of her colleagues, Sally Field founded her “anti-war rant,” if it can be called such in the face of the far more strident standards set for those today, on simple disgust of soldiers dying without even offering to harangue over the causes of same. I don’t have much beef with that. She didn’t tell other people they should be “sending” their kids to fight; she didn’t claim deliberate deception masking appalling bloodthirst on the part of our country’s leaders; she didn’t even demand that all those mothers’ children be brought home without any regard for their own power of thought and choice or the consequences of such a decision by the government. And when told that the network had bleeped out her cuss word, she didn’t throw a tantrum. She was positively mild.

As far as I’m concerned, the worst thing she did was look like a moron while screeching at the audience and then having to dig deep to remember the last line of her own silly profundity profanity. But embarrassing herself at the awards has always been one of her trademarks, right?

Eah. After slogging through a few episodes of Brothers and Sisters last year, I let the rest of the season accumulate on my TiVo. We’ll see if I get around to continuing it.

PS: Memo to a few of the blogs I’ve read on this topic: The woman’s name is Field. Not Fields.

Update: All that said, however, of course she was dead wrong about that whole “if mothers were in charge” BS.

Even if the best mother EVER was Queen of the Planet, someone somewhere would still need to have their ass kicked, and she’d have to send somebody’s child to do it.

There’s much, much more. (H/t Sarah.)

Update x2: I’ve never read Rachel Lucas before. She’s funny as hell and I’ve blogrolled her, but I must also hate her for the specified period of time for getting “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” lodged in my brain like a splinter in a, shall we say, hard-to-reach place.

Update x3: Amen, preach it, sister. (H/t the Creator of Worlds. What, you don’t think I read Perez, do you? I’m much too busy trying to plow through the rest of last season’s Heroes. I realized today that Hayden Panettiere played Ally McBeal’s egg-donor daughter or whatever the deal was with that shark-jumping mess. And also, Kristen Bell looked gooood at the Emmys. Mister Natalie Maines behind her there is cackling about how playing a Republican jerk is scoring him points at home, if you know what I mean.)

There I Go Being All Guy-y Again

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Well, not totally guy-y, as among the “avid readers” in the poll, the women read nine books and the guys topped out at five. But:

Women read more than men in all categories except for history and biography. …

“We see it every time in our store,” says Carla Cohen, owner of the Politics & Prose bookstore in Washington, D.C. “Women head straight for the fiction section and men head for nonfiction.”

I don’t remember the last new novel I read other than finishing up the Potter series. I pull out my Jane Austens very regularly, but for new books it’s all history and biography for me these days. Put that in the stereopype and smoke it.

H/t the Headlines of the King of the Betas. Wonder if he heads straight for the Gerald Ford biographies or picks up the Stephen King.

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