Whaddaya Say, Joss Fans, Are We “Special?”

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From interview with Peter Liguori, entertainment chair at Fox:

Is Dollhouse as bad as we are hearing?

Joss Whedon has an unbelievably loyal fan base, and he really knows how to write to that fan base. I expect that they’re going to be there. They’re going to enjoy his show. One of the things about airing on Friday night, a show is not expected to have those boffo ratings.

So you’re not burying him in the Friday graveyard?

No, I’m not burying him in the Friday graveyard. I’m giving him a little bit of a reprieve by being on Friday.

Whew. Nothing like praising a show with faint damns, as Dorothy Sayers would say (yes, it’s Sayers Week here at Chez Anwyn). I’m giving him a little reprieve, to see if there’s any snowball’s chance in hell he can draw in anybody who’s not already in love with either Captain Mal or Eliza Dushku. And if not, then we’ll dump it.

Are people who like Buffy and Firefly completely unreliable indicators of a large enough demographic to keep a show alive? Given the fifth-network treatment of Buffy and Angel and the quick death of Firefly, I’d have to say it seems so. The question would seem to be why? Joss’s shows are about people with somewhat fantastic powers or circumstances (but ultimately still about the human interest), but so are Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. Is the lesson that if it can’t be marketed to children, as well, then the adults of our stripe aren’t enough? Where does that leave Star Wars? I was three when A New Hope came to theaters–I wasn’t buying a ticket.

The only shows I can think of with a Joss vibe lately are Veronica Mars and Chuck. Veronica survived three years in the fifth-network dimension and suffered from a lack of a coherent vision from her creator. Chuck, however, has spent a season and a half on Monday nights, and while not exactly “boffo,” got itself bought for a full-season renewal this year. It’s holding its own. Despite Liguori’s positive spin about the base and Friday night not holding much expectation, let’s not forget what happened to vampire tale Moonlight on Friday nights. No matter what he says, Friday night is a graveyard for ordinary viewers (i.e. anybody not already frantically devoted to a show plus people who don’t like The Ghost Whisperer). It takes a lot of doing and some blind luck to get a show that does well on Fridays. The question is, what will Fox settle for with Dollhouse? Are they okay with it if it comes in a perennial second behind Ghost Whisperer? And if not, look out for the half-season cancellation, Joss fans.

The folks at Whedonesque, of course, have much, much more to say.

Also in Television News

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How many “quirky” shows about crazy lawyers can one person have in them? I guess the only reason David E. Kelley’s shows ever get cancelled is to give the actors a frickin’ break. How long till the audience gives him a permanent one?

And, just to separate it from Ally McBeal,, I guess, this show has a woman lawyer named … Skippy Pylon.

My First Thought Was: Not to Each Other

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff engaged.

Silver lining: Maybe she’ll cheer up this season.

An Operative Doctor? UPDATE: No Dice

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The Guardian is reporting that Chiwetel Ejiofor of Alliance Operative geekfame is on the short list to replace David Tennant [insert sobbing and rending of garments] as the Doctor. We’ll all find out tomorrow as the BBC broadcasts it all over England. I was so bummed about Tennant’s coming defection that I was considering just dropping the show from my rotation–one less thing. But if Ejiofor is the replacement they might just have sucked me back in. He definitely has the charisma to pull it off and it’ll be worth it just to see how he plays it–cool, to follow Tennant’s exuberance? Eccentric and Brett-as-Holmesian?

Potentially well played, Stephen Moffat. Hundreds of thousands of American Firefly geeks yours for the crossover asking … don’t screw it up.

PS: I saw that Tennant clip a while ago, but without the beginning bit–I didn’t know the context. Is it just me or was it rather gratuitously rude to announce his resignation from the show after just having received an award for doing the show?

Update: One Matt Smith, who played a creepy role in a creepy prior episode of the show, whom I’ve never heard of before, has been named to replace Tennant. I think I’m back to the “one less thing” philosophy. So long, Doctor.

I Love My Lileks

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At the end of a foamily descriptive discourse on shaving:

That first shave with a new brand is better than any other shave you ever get. It makes you wonder if there’s a whole different level of razor technology reserved for the uppermost elites, the Presidents and Premiers and 33rd degree Masons and Popes and Politburo poohbahs and everyone else who lives in the rarified air above. The job has to have some compensations. Obama’s first day in office will begin with the best shave he’s ever had.

Man, that’s incredible. Any other surprises in store today?

Yes, sir. After you receive the briefing on our strike on the Iranian ship bringing a nuclear device into the New York harbor, they will give you the second season of “Firefly.”

Ha ha ha. My dear man. The Pentagon keeps that locked up under three keys, none of which belongs to the president.

I Can Has TV Guide Gig?

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When your only writing objective (and, apparently, your only task altogether) is to summarize a TV show and you can’t even get the character names right, it’s time to step out of line. Lester, not Larry, as a commenter helpfully notes … and as TV Guide still hasn’t fixed.

Thank All the TV Gods

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…that I stopped watching Heroes when I did:

Because let’s face it, Sylar being all lovey dovey with Veronica Mars makes everyone want to vomit.

My infallible TV Radar once again saves my eyes, in-brain imager, and delicate sensibilities.

Premiere Dates

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For ABC’s midseason:

Castle: Mondays at 10, starting March 9.

Cupid: Tuesdays at 10, starting March 24.

Lost: Three hours of last season’s conclusion, followed by a three-hour season premiere, followed by three hours of clip/catch-up show from the previous four seasons, followed by an hour and a third of that one plot with the “fish biscuits,” followed by an hour of clips of Charlie marking his knuckles and singing “You all, everybody,” followed by an hour of the new season, wrapped up with every minute of footage involving Jack’s mountain-man beard. Don’t miss it! January 21.

Bad Sign or Just Network Caution?

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ABC cuts Castle order to ten instead of thirteen.

Yes, There Is Such a Thing as “Too Much Jayne”

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Right here.

Via, again, Whedonesque.

Last Night, and TV

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Yes, I watched about 20 minutes of the debate before I couldn’t take it any more. For a drinking game that doesn’t put you in the hospital, you should drink every time Obama says (paraphrased except for the inflection): “Here’s a point where I think it is important to look at the record.” As in, there are points (and they are many!) where he would prefer we not look at the record. He is making a big mistake in not squelching this natural inflection. He should just say “Look at the record!” and leave it at that. (Yes, I tried combing the C-SPAN video to find a specific instance, but couldn’t take the mind-numbing horror long enough. He said it at least twice in the short portion I watched last night.)

Even Dancing with the Stars was reasonably lame this week, starting with the laming of Misty May-Treanor, who popped her Achilles tendon (ow ow ow ow!!) in rehearsal. She and Maks have withdrawn for the season and nobody else was eliminated last night, though my strategy of using all my votes on Rocco apparently didn’t have many co-actors, as he and Karina would have been eliminated last night if not for Maks and Misty’s absence. COME ON, PEOPLE. Cloris Leachman. Susan Lucci. I cannot believe people are voting for these women, although I will say that Lucci’s jive showed more energy than I thought she could muster, even if her footwork was off in several places. The Rockettes, however, almost made up for last week’s results-show horror. Keep kicking, ladies.

John Casey Goes All Samwise Gamgee on a Shoplifter’s A…pple

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Via Whedonesque.

My Next New Show

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Assuming it premieres before Rob Thomas’s reset of Cupid: Castle, starring my one, if not quite my only, Nathan Fillion:

Not having read anything but the basic plot synopsis–mystery novelist helps chick detective solve crime–I actually assumed it was going to be a bit more of a drama. Reclusive mystery novelist, scary-smart, pushed reluctantly into helping because it’s his duty … oh hells no. A comedy with serious tones more along the lines of Bones, by the looks of it, which is A-OK with me (Bones having, thank the television gods, picked up quite a bit since its dismal season premiere). And it looks to be a lot more fun than Drive, which, sadly, isn’t saying much. This could be Fillion’s winner. Still a shame that his wittier, less routine work on Firefly went so under-appreciated, but here’s hoping this one takes off. As with David Boreanaz on Bones, it’ll be a real pleasure to see the Whedon-alum “good bad boys” become “bad good boys.”

Via Whedonesque.

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