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…to Slublog, for altering one of the existing FredHeads for Mitt buttons into a size and look that I wanted for my sidebar. I’m fairly clueless at Photoshop, so he helped me out. If you want to put it on your blog, go for it.

I typically would avoid labels like “FredHead.” (See also: Browncoat.) But I think it makes sense, since I had a first choice who I felt was the best choice, to continue to make that known.

Thanks, Slu!

What Are You *Wearing?*

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Also, where are your arms?

You, on the other hand, look cute with your sleek, snappy dress and little apply cheeks, however unkind it may be to remind me how much I miss Veronica Mars in the middle of a strike.

Quote of the Day

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Son, examining a diagram of the solar system: “We live on Earth.” Pause. “Do you like this planet?”

But in Case You Need Reminding

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…why it’s not a good idea to vote McCain before November, try this.

Read It, Believe It

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Read this if you’re planning to stay home rather than vote for Nominee McCain, if it comes to that.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace