What Up, McCain Web People?

Filed under:Good Grief,Politics — posted by Anwyn on August 29, 2008 @ 11:46 am

Do you know how difficult it is to find the Downloads page on John McCain’s campaign web site? (Yeah, even though I apparently found it once before, to get the button in my sidebar.) So difficult that after roughly ten minutes of searching, I had to advance-Google “downloads” at site johnmccain.com. That takes you to the page, all right, for which there apparently is no direct link from the menus on the home page at all. (Update: I found the link, through the Action–>Action Center–>Site Tools path. One rollover and two clicks off the home page and utterly unintuitive.)

Once I found it, I was surprised to see there are no buttons for McCain/Palin, nor any stickers or signs for the duo in McCain’s online store. What gives, web and publicity people? You make a major announcement that will definitely get bloggers fired up, and then don’t have stuff available for us to show how fired up we are? Roll out the Mr. & Mrs. Maverick buttons and stickers. Put a link to the Downloads page on the main site. The web moves fast. Keep up!

Update x2: Made my own, cropped from the campaign site’s banner, inspired by Carlos Echevarria.

Update x3: Slu the Photoshop King made more, with pics.


  1. Loved your comment at IMAO. I’m coming back here. Thanks.

    Comment by Jimmy — August 29, 2008 @ 7:07 pm

  2. Thanks, Jimmy. Glad to have you here.

    Comment by Anwyn — August 29, 2008 @ 8:39 pm

  3. They have pages of them at CafePress, but I’d rather buy them where my purchase was a donation to the campaign….

    However, I may have to get the

    A Hero and a Hottie

    for my husband.

    Comment by lifepundit — September 4, 2008 @ 2:47 pm

  4. Anwyn…you are falling down on the job. Where is the post on Palin’s speech?

    She is a “bulldog” and I love it! Can’t wait for November. The dems are scared and they should be.

    Comment by thelmajoy — September 4, 2008 @ 3:36 pm

  5. Lifepundit, I like that one, and I also like POW/WOW ’08. :)

    I got an e-card from a Dem friend that said “I’m still voting Democrat, though I applaud the republican stance on bringing in a hot MILF to help run the country.”

    TJ, I know, I am horrible. The truth is she has left me speechless, or at least without speech that hasn’t been said by everybody else already. I’ll figure out what I want to say about her pretty soon. :)

    Comment by Anwyn — September 4, 2008 @ 4:24 pm

  6. The Obama/Biden website is sooo user friendly…join us…join us…

    Comment by dawn summers — September 5, 2008 @ 9:18 am

  7. We’re all ears, Anwyn!

    Comment by Jimmy — September 5, 2008 @ 1:01 pm

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