Dancing with the Stars Week 7

Filed under:Television — posted by Anwyn on November 6, 2007 @ 10:25 pm

Sorry, LeAnn Rimes. The thrill is gone and everybody is going to have to suck up some sour pills. You seem like you’ve been taking lessons from Reba McEntire–not a good thing in your case. And if you’re going to slow it down and sing only with an acoustic guitar, you kind of have to not walk all over the guitar–it’s got a complex set of twisty notes going, and so does your voice, and they are fighting each other. Second verse you’re not fighting the guitar any more, but mostly because it surrendered. Net effect: Sounds better, but now you sound like you’ve been taking vowel lessons from Garth Brooks. Not a good thing in anybody’s case.

Julianne and Tony: Pretty rhumba, but you don’t look like you’ve danced together enough. There are several stilted moments and near-misses.

Safe: Marie and Jonathan, Cameron and Edyta. If Cameron is safe AND the world is back on track, Jane is going home tonight.

The Rock Steady Crew: In three words, not my thing.

LeAnn’s back. If our pros aren’t dancing, I’m not watching. Lucky for Rimes, here comes my Cheryl.

Down in the bottom-screen election ticker, Oregon Measure 49 is passing. That just makes me even pissier. Common sense seems to be prevailing on Measure 50, however. Write a specific product tax into the Constitution because you don’t have the legally required super-majority to pass it in the legislature? No thanks, morons.

Hey, turns out Sabrina and Mark apparently are dating. Good for them.

Safe: Mel and Maks. Yeah, baby. No bottom two? Oh, just get on with it.

Safe: Helio and Julianne. How is leaving two couples, one of whom is actually going home, that much different from the bottom two? So one of them is going home and one may or may not be in the bottom two. Why muddle it? What wasn’t working about the bottom-two format?

Going home: Jane and Tony. I had a qualm there, like maybe I should have broken my sourpuss protest and voted for Jennie. We’ll see next week.

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