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The Quote of the Day actually came from Piz, on the season finale of Veronica Mars: “Rob Thomas is a whore.”

Rob Thomas, lead singer of Matchbox 20 as referenced in the quote, is also the name of the creator of Veronica. Code, my friends, for this little gem at much-reviled (by me) Ain’t It Cool News. I’m just going to quote the whole thing, since the post *this* post is quoting is no longer up at CW forums:

I couldn’t confirm this story, but…

[“]HOLLYWOOD – In a shocking move that has fans and critics alike cheering, the News Corp television network MyNetworkTV has snatched Veronica Mars from the jaws of cancellation.

The network announced late Tuesday that it has sealed a one-year, $24 million deal with Veronica producer Warner Brothers, leaving the CW, the series’ home since its transition to the CW network when UPN and the WB merged. MyNetworkTV will fork over about $1.1 million per episode for the first season with the option for a second, the Hollywood Reporter said. The deal also includes a provision that would allow MyNetworkTV to have first pick up on any new Rob Thomas television projects for the next two years. “We are incredibly pleased to have Veronica Mars on MyNetworkTV,” Roger Ailes, the network’s president, said in a statement. “Not just because it is one of the best shows on the air and represents a new era in MyNetworkTV’s life and direction, but more importantly because Rob Thomas is one of the finest writers and producers in television.” During the past season, the show has averaged 2.48 million viewers in its 9 p.m. Tuesday timeslot, but has a passionate fan base which has donated upwards of 300 DVDs of the series to public libraries across the country. The 64th and final CW episode of Veronica Mars will air May 22.[“]

Now, I couldn’t find a source for this story, and I had just copied the post when it seems someone at the CW removed it from their forum. It would be very cool to find out this is true, but the one problem I have is looking up stories on Roger Ailes, quoted as the network president in this news story, I find he may actually be the Fox News president. Hopefully this isn’t a sick joke.

You “find” he “may” actually be the Fox News president? Well done on your sleuthing skills, mate. Roger Ailes is the president of Fox News, the chairman of Fox Television Stations, and the president of their year-old UPN replacement, MyNetworkTV, all still according to the Wiki. Also according to the Wiki, however, MyNetworkTV is phasing out its “soaps,” whatever it has that can be dignified by that name, and replacing it with an all-reality format.

If that’s true, then this tantalizing Veronica rumor is just that and nothing more. CW, I’m sure, doesn’t want it cluttering up their already shirty Veronica forums, whether it’s true or not–those of us who were still watching CW are already trying to find out where MyNetworkTV is on our dials. Talk about your cliffhanger–the season (series?) finale was classic Veronica, well done and able to either walk out of our lives into the sunset or to pick up where it left off. Rob Thomas doesn’t seem the type to whore the show right out of its creative integrity, but things got a little shaky this season. I hope it can come back in full varnish, but if not, better just let it ride off while it’s still ahead.

Via my fellow VM fans at Whedonesque.org.

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