This One’s Pretty Much for SarahK

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I see the attraction of Twilight. I’m nearing the end of the first book, and my editing hand is not as twitchy as you might think. Past the obvious, the obsessive love story, there is a powerful attraction in a pack of potential monsters who have perfected their own small civilization willing to use their powers to protect you, personally, against all comers.

It’s the same thing that made Logan Echolls the hands-down winner over Duncan Kane in Veronica Mars. It’s pretty hard to resist.

“Of Course I Am”

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Is there anything cuter than David Boreanaz, except of course for Nathan Fillion?

(Aside: Joss kind of has a type, doesn’t he?)

(Aside: I feel so sorry for Rachael with her voice problem. I hope her doctors and therapists are able to sort her out. Judging by the sound of her voice on the above video, they are still postponing surgery.)

(Via Whedonesque.)


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I mean, Nathan and Joss are both obviously broiling under the lights. C’mon, what did you think I meant?


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Diss shows or movies starring Nathan Fillion and rue the consequences of having to take up again, after washing my hands of them following the first season, with Desperate Housewives just to get a glimpse of him. Maintaining celebrity crushes is not easy, my friends.

But OMG is he not the cutest thing ever? Ever?

Update: We interrupt this post to inform you that the video of Cute Nathan is “no longer available.” We assure you, however, that Nathan is Still Cute.

It could be worse. And will be, I fear. Alas.

H/t Whedonesque.

Update: Note to whoever made this video: Spell the man’s name correctly. We are not amused.

I Heart My Colts

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And my Peyton. And, of course, my Allah.

Solidarity with Israel

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Support the troops, ladies.

Via Alarming News.

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