The Wisest Woman in the World

Filed under:Need a Good Editor? — posted by Anwyn on February 3, 2008 @ 7:47 am

Occasionally I am seized by a fit of madness to pick up an Oprah magazine in the grocery store. There’s always some cool-sounding headline. Who wouldn’t want to learn How to Attract Your Heart’s Desire? I always, dumbly, think maybe there’s some good advice in there. The table of contents this time said they also had some of Kate Winslet’s favorite books and why she likes them. Sold!

It’s always disappointing, of course. There’s always crap inside, like screeds from that chick who wrote The Vagina Monologues and, in the current issue, novelist Wally Lamb, whose work I despise, encouraging people to tell their own stories. From prison, or something. Whatever. And how to attract your heart’s desire? Turns out you put it out to the universe. But this has to be the biggest laugh-getter of the issue. Right on the cover:

“Life Will Teach You If You Let It”
Oprah talks to one of the world’s wisest women

My response to that, and yours, is obvious.

Well, no shit.

I mean, seriously, you don’t say! I guess since I freakin’ knew that already, since you don’t get to be 33 and a mother and a basically successful human being without realizing you have to learn as you go along, that makes me one of the wisest women in the world. So I got that goin’ for me. Which is nice.


  1. LOL
    You fell for the old magazine trick again…..NOT the wisest woman in the world then eh?

    (I hate when they get me to buy their stupid women’s magazines)

    Comment by Terri — February 4, 2008 @ 10:18 am

  2. It’s like me clicking on those headlines when I sign out of hotmail. I usually know better, but once in a while I see a good headline— and inevitably, it’s exactly that level of platitudinous gas.

    Comment by See-Dubya — February 4, 2008 @ 12:32 pm

  3. Oh…and as for the specifics of that article: Life will do a LOT OF THINGS to you if you just let it. So will prison.

    Comment by See-Dubya — February 4, 2008 @ 12:35 pm

  4. Stupid tripe. My only use for magazines is thumbing through them to find ads for my marketing assignments.

    Comment by Bumble — February 4, 2008 @ 4:36 pm

  5. What’s scary is that there are people who need to be told that, and who believe in putting things out to the universe. Is that where space junk comes from? What happens when it all comes crashing down?

    Comment by Anne — February 5, 2008 @ 6:00 am

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