New Sci-Fi “Property” Movies

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I’m all for this. And that’s the first I’ve heard of it, so, yay, news for a Friday night for me. Let’s hope Chris Carter is okay with pretending like everything after and including the torching of the entire Syndicate in a warehouse simply doesn’t exist. I’m dubious about Amanda Peet, although it is amusing to me to watch a particular actor or actress jump through the hoops of several different writers with an established style (I last saw her doing Sorkinspeak on Studio 60).

As for the other movie mentioned in the article, I’m not at all down with that. I’m already pretending like nothing exists in Trek after First Contact. Why add more stuff that I want to forget to the junk taking up space in my brain?

But I Do Like Smarts

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And Manuel Lopez reads like he’s got ’em. Quote of the day:

Instituting gay marriage would sever the ancient link between marriage and sexual differentiation.

If you’re interested in the arguments for and against gay marriage, read the whole thing. Via Funkypundit.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace