I Don’t Like Stupidity

Filed under:Politics,Priorities,Rants — posted by Anwyn on December 5, 2007 @ 11:03 pm

I said this morning that I’m so angry about the Huckabee surge that I can’t even write coherently about it. So read Ace. Read his bullet points on how bad Huckabee shapes up to be on crime, finances, terrorism, and immigration. Then let’s answer this question together:

Can I ask a question here? Are there Americans, Republicans, Christians, etc. out there who actually believe the GOP can win an election on nothing except the Human Life Amendment and Federal Marriage Amendment?

And do these people realize the president has no role in the amendment process? He does not need to sign a proposed amendment, nor can he veto it; it’s entirely up to Congress and then (after securing 2/3rds support) the state legislatures (3/4ths of them)?

True, a president can support such measures rhetorically. But can anyone name for me the 66 Senators and 38 states they imagine will be signing on for the HLA and FMA just because President Huckabee talks them up?

Those of us with functioning brain cells are well aware that a candidate running on the HLA and the FMA would be far more likely to lose on those two issues alone … which no doubt is a big part of the political calculations of Thompson and Giuliani and Romney … if he didn’t also resemble the Democrats in every other imaginable way. So amesty shills who are a little wobbly on the Dems’ party line on abortion ought to love the guy and just overlook the bit about gay marriage. Except they really won’t, when they’ve got actual Democrats to vote for. He isn’t electable in the general and I would have to hold my nose to vote for him if he got that far. It will be a travesty if he wins the nomination.

Wake up, whoever is fueling the surge. If you are overlooking his positions on these other issues because of how soundly he talks on abortion and gay marriage, wake the hell up. You need to be doing your overlooking on positions over which the executive has very little or absolutely no control, not putting all of your eggs into the two issues that the executive cannot directly affect in any way, shape or form. Wake up.

If you agree with Huckabee on those other issues … then please switch parties and nominate somebody more in line with what you believe. Don’t screw up our primary.

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