This Kind of Thing Serves Nothing, Got It?

Filed under:Jerks,Religion — posted by Anwyn on July 12, 2007 @ 2:28 pm

…but as ammo for anti-Christian people. Write your senator and tell him or her that you don’t think a country with “In God We Trust” on the currency should open sessions of the legislature with a prayer to Shiva, fine, but calling a Hindu clergyman “wicked” and his prayer an “abomination” and getting yourselves arrested for disrupting the senate chamber are the acts of puffed-up, overly sanctimonious blowhard exhibitionists with an axe to grind that, in my view, doesn’t have much to do with Christianity.


  1. Some of us atheists (who write to our Congressmen asking to have “In God we Trust” removed from the currency) know better than to lump those three crazies in with the rest of Christianity’s adherents. They’re clearly off their meds. At least they didn’t try to bring violence like uber-zealots of a certain other ideology have been known to do. …you know, the Presbyterians. ;-) ;-)

    I still have to wonder why the Senate is opened with any sort of prayer at all, but that’s me. I used to have an imaginary friend and he often made me feel better when I talked to him before I did something new or difficult.

    “Dear 8 pounds 6 ounces baby Jesus, new born, not even spoken a word yet…”

    Comment by Norm — July 12, 2007 @ 4:38 pm

  2. My initial response to the article was much like yours, Anwyn. It was cringeworthy, especially with those of use who are educated and fair-minded Christians who try to practice what we preach and not be intolerant. We weren’t brought up that way! (I, who was raised as a Midwestern Lutheran of the Lake Woebegone variety, can speak fro the heart here. ^_^)

    However, I fear that this shared viewpoint of enlightened religious tolerance may be regressing, whatever the Constitution might say. It is getting steadily squeezed between the very intolerant Islamofascist movement on the one side, and the too-tolerant Secularists at home on the other side. A lot of otherwise decent and peaceful folks are getting their backs up over Christianity getting pushed aside, leaving a moral vacuum that CAIR & their violent buddies seem determined & willing to fill.
    It’s disturbing, unsettling, and irrational, but so is the rest of the news we keep hearing about the great Clash of Civilizations that the news media & most public officials are determined not to confront. If the societal leaders will not take up their responsibility & act to guarantee the safety & respect of things that the American populace holds dear, the populace will eventually decide to act on their own account. Or, if (God and Norm’s imaginary friend forbid) a large terrorist event takes place in the nation, then irrational but sift action will be urged on our Government, which will then belatedly take action beyond the scope of options that were available when they only had to listen to the rational people.

    Comment by exdem13 — July 18, 2007 @ 7:06 am

  3. @exdem13: “If the societal leaders will not take up their responsibility & act to guarantee the safety & respect of things that the American populace holds dear, the populace will eventually decide to act on their own account.”

    What sorts of things you think (fear?) the populace will do when they act? I’m not picking here; I’m genuinely curious. Do you think there will be more forceful action than simple interruption of the Senate prayers?

    I agree with you that a lot of Islamic violence and rhetoric is getting a pass these days out of fear that — oh, dear — we might offend the Islamic community’s religious sensibilities if we speak out against it. We’re told we have to be “sensitive” lest we step on toes. That’s B.S.

    So, in the reference to your comment, what I would hate to see develop in this country is the emergence of an opposing, religiously motivated crowd brought to (violent?) action because their religious traditions have been offended. That’s what I’m asking you if you think will happen.

    I’m not honestly sure what to do about it if such a thing were to come to fruition.

    Again, I’m not trying to bait anyone or start an argument. I don’t have a horse in the “my God is better than yours” race, but I do have to live here in the midst of it.


    Comment by Norm — July 18, 2007 @ 12:57 pm

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