Church has “Tension” over “Speaker,” now Cancelled

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If by “tension,” you mean the members of the church threatened to picket if the speaker used the church space.

If by “speaker” you mean “anti-war mom” Cindy Sheehan.

If by “anti-war mom” you mean “crazy nutty loon.”

If by “crazy nutty loon” you mean “somebody who is being ‘talked into’ running for a seat in congress.” (Via the rock star at Hot Air.)

Seriously, how great is it: This is a California church, one that a friend told me his in-laws left because it was getting too liberal and “creepy.” No wonder the pastor “didn’t anticipate” his congregation’s unrest. Emphasis mine:

[Veterans for Peace guy] Swann said he understood [Pastor] Green’s position, especially when parishioners threatened to form a picket line.

The church didn’t invite Sheehan to speak there, Green said. Veterans for Peace just asked if they could use a space for the event and he approved, he added.

“I didn’t anticipate it was going to be as big a deal as it was,” Green said.

I’d take a flier on the idea that there’s probably more than a quiet minority at that church who are almost as anti-war as Sheehan is. I’m betting it’s less about that than about her general lunacy, her cozying up to dictators like Chavez and her fantasy of killing G.W. Bush in his cradle. When you’re too outspoken for “the greater good” for a church in California, you’ve officially wacked off the charts.

Fortunately for Sheehan, there are still places in California more welcoming to her particular brand of folk-rock-loony charm. After the church pulled her platform, she landed at … City Council.

H/t: My friend with the in-laws opposed to creeping creepy in their church.


  1. Cindy Sheehan: Dee-nied…

    Interesting story from So-Cal over at Anwyn’s Notes in the Margin. I’m not surprised that an Episcopal priest offered to loan out his church for a Cindy Sheehan rally. But I am surprised that he was surprised that it was……

    Trackback by JunkYardBlog — May 12, 2007 @ 5:42 pm

  2. My sympathies are with your friend’s in-laws. It’s one thing to have a visitor to discuss the Christian way to deal with war and peace. It’s another thing for the church to sponsor a rant session by a moonbat who could care less about a Christian message, or Loyalty to the country and its defenders.

    Comment by fallohide — May 15, 2007 @ 1:51 pm

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