Never Get Involved in a Land War in Asia

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Especially if you’re the U.S. Air Force.

The result, Moseley said, is people being assigned to jobs they weren’t trained for. He cited Air Force airmen being used to guard prisoners and serve as drivers and cited one instance in which a female Air Force surgeon was assigned typing chores.

“We got her back,” Moseley said at a breakfast with a group of reporters.

Flying’s a double-edged sword. If they don’t need fliers and those who support fliers, what do you do? Whatever you can, apparently. On the other hand, if they do need fliers, it’s not exactly like they can pluck up an infantry grunt and chuck him into the left seat. Job security?

So much for Gulf War circa 1991.

Meanwhile, Back in Indiana

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Indiana to Arizona: Stop sending us your superfluous culturally maladjusted, nicotine-addicted, cell-decorating criminals.

Arizona to Indiana: We’re not sending you any more of our prisoners cuz you don’t keep close enough eye on ’em.

This blog to Indianapolis Star: You wrote a whole article about this that couldn’t even establish the facts of the riot? Was it Arizona incitement to all prisoners against guards? Arizona provocation to Arizona-Indiana infighting? Indiana ganging up on Arizona? Indiana just taking advantage of the Arizona opening?

Doesn’t that stuff go on in prisons whether the incarcerated are from different states or not?

My Prediction Hangs in the Balance

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Bye-bye, Heather Mills. You were plucky, but your insistence on doing tricks on your bad leg, including standing one-legged with the good leg up in the air, which unsurprisingly led you to a fall, made you seem a more ungainly dancer than you were.

Other couple in the red light: John Ratzenberger and his partner Edyta. If they go out next week I’m out one couple who were supposed to be in my top five. Oh well. As a record, 4-1 ain’t bad.

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace