Get It In Gear, Iowa

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It’s time. When you’re feeling a little love from even the big A, it means, in the immortal words delivered by Jack Palance, the day ain’t over yet.

Wording Means a Lot

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Take a look at the info-blurb under Thompson as he’s speaking here and then tell me about your lack of bias:

Fred Thompson Opposes Abortion Rights and Same-Sex Marriage

What’s wrong with “Fred Thompson Supports the Right to Life and Heterosexual Marriage”? Nothing except that the one they went with sends a context of opposition to something that should be a foregone conclusion.


Iowa Caucus Day

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Time to find out how many Fred supporters are the kind who hang up on pollsters.

Update: Wyoming caucus day Saturday. Cowboy hats still play there, right?

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace