I Call BS

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Woman and family evicted from bus (but taken to their destination, church) for reading Bible aloud:

A spokeswoman for The T said even if Lutz had been reading “Moby Dick” or the Pledge of Allegiance, the same outcome would have occurred.

Anybody want to take that bet?

Exactly how loudly do you have to be reading on a bus before other people can hear you enough to be bothered, anyway?

Bonus Government Interference That Actually Affects Me

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The TV thing, while outrageous to a taxpayer, doesn’t affect me personally inasmuch as I quit using an antenna years ago.

But I haven’t quit using warm, glowing, brilliant incandescent light bulbs in favor of dim, green, cold, hard fluorescents. That’ll change when the provisions of the energy bill Bush signed last month take effect. They went ahead and mandated our light bulbs, folks.

First they came for the broadcasting, and I said nothing because I have satellite TV. Then they came for the light bulbs, and there was nobody left to scream back at the global warming alarmists.


Update: Just for fun, in addition to making you look like a goblin, they might give you migraines as well.

The Migraine Action Association said there was growing concern about the links between the bulbs and severe headaches.

The charity’s Paul Jansen said: “For some people a migraine attack can be triggered by fluorescent lights, video screens, stroboscopic effects and flashing lights.

“Most of the currently available low energy light bulbs are based on fluorescent light technology.

“We hope that the Government will allow regular light bulbs still to be available to those who need them.’

The Government has acknowledged low energy bulbs could pose a problem.

In a written parliamentary answer, Health Minister Ivan Lewis said: “It is known some people with epilepsy may be affected by energy saving light bulbs.”

Well, is it really just people with epilepsy? I’m subject to occasional migraines and would prefer not to find out for sure, the hard way, that these bulbs cause them.

Thanks to Daddyman for the link.

Where’s the Bipartisan Outrage?

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You know that lefty canard that the money being spent on the war should be spent on health care and education? Well, here’s a billion and a half I’d be happier to see going there than here:

Beginning Feb. 18, 2009, anyone who does not own a digital set and still gets their programming via over-the-air antennas will no longer receive a picture.

That’s the day the television industry completes its transition from old-style analog broadcasting to digital.

The converter boxes are expected to cost between $50 and $70 and will be available at most major electronics retail stores. Starting Tuesday, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration will begin accepting requests for two $40 coupons per household to be used toward the purchase of the boxes.

The giveaway basically works under the honor system.

The first 22 million coupons will go to all households that request them. That includes a residence that gets cable service for one television but has a spare TV that still uses an antenna, for example.

The rest of the coupons, however, are meant only for those who do not subscribe to a pay-television service.

What the hell? Not only did Congress order what should be a market to go to a certain technology, it will now spend $1.5 BILLION DOLLARS to entitle people to television. Television. And, it will give away this entitlement to people who already subscribe to the technology needed to go on receiving television signal after the government-ordered interference completes the transition to digital.

I have no words for the crap our government wastes money on. Hey, I wouldn’t like to lose my TV programming, either. Maybe the government should have thought about that one order to broadcasters and $1.5 BILLION DOLLARS ago.

How Far Can You Trust Polls?

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As a general indicator, I suppose, but anecdotes are worrying. A Democrat friend tells me he was polled in this manner: Who would you vote for if the primary were today and you were voting Republican?

What kind of indicator of Republican primary voters is it if they knowingly poll Democrats?

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