Speaking of Revenge Served Cold

Filed under:Sports — posted by Anwyn on November 8, 2007 @ 8:12 am

I’ve been waiting a long long time (though probably not as long as Rangers fans) for the backlash against A-Rod’s astronomical salary. Looks like it’s here. Aramis Ramirez, how does it feel to be more valuable than the highest-paid player in the sport?

Jim Hendry of the Cubs said: “He’s a great, great player. I know he has a longstanding relationship with Lou Piniella. Anybody would love to have him. In our situation we’re very happy with Aramis Ramírez at third. In the overall scheme of things, for the dollars it would take, we have other needs — in the outfield, speed-wise, maybe a little more pitching.

“For that kind of volume of dollars, I don’t see a way that would make any sense because we’re very happy with our guy at third. To commit that much more to one player and not address the other needs we have when we already have an All-Star caliber third baseman is really tough to do.”

Thanks, Jim Hendry. Now please find some guys to fill those holes before the owners seriously start considering putting Cuban at the wheel.

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