Christian Discriminated Against Because Her Religion is Least Oppressive

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Oh, the irony. The lefties who decry “radical Christianity” as “just as bad” as “radical Islam” look nuttier all the time. This woman, a garden-variety British Airways employee with an “unblemished record,” is not to wear a symbol of her religion, solely because her religion is not repressive enough to require her to do so, unlike the religions of some of her coworkers.

The airline’s uniform code states that staff must not wear visible jewellery or other ‘adornments’ while on duty without permission from management.

It makes exceptions for Muslim and Sikh minorities by allowing them to wear hijabs and turbans.

“Without permission from management.” Why can’t she get permission, given that others are granted exceptions because of the requirements of their religion? Obviously, because that crazy ol’ “radical” Christianity refuses to do anything so radical as restrict its members’ dress or “adornments.”

[BA chief executive Willie Walsh] added: “We have previously made changes to our uniform policy to accommodate requests, after a detailed evaluation process including Health and Safety assessment to incorporate the wearing of Sikh bangles.”

But Miss Eweida said: “BA refuses to recognise the wearing of a cross as a manifestation of the Christian faith, but rather defines it as a piece of decorative jewellery.”

Well, that’s the double-barrelled question, isn’t it? An exception shouldn’t be made for Miss Eweida on account of garden-variety jewelry, should it? If I worked next to her and she got to wear her cross while I left my, say, silver swan pendant at home, that would be a bit unfair, no? But if I worked next to her and got to wear my iron bangle while she had to leave her Christian cross at home, that’s also a bit unfair. Oh, a religion of oppression requires it? Right, off you go, then.

What a world. It simply begs the question, “Why is British Airways restricting any tasteful jewelry on their employees?” Wouldn’t you think they get barraged with requests all the time? At the very least an eased-up dress code would seem to be called for. Is that amount of control over your employees really worth all this fuss? Geez, with that much dress restriction, working at BA is starting to sound like … a religion.

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